John Denver Lyrics

John Denver Lyrics

John Denver found international fame for being an all-round top class singer-songwriter of the highest order and though his high quality musicianship can never be doubted it could be argued that it was his abilities as a lyricist, with his easy turn of phrase and ability to know exactly what words and images to use to convey what he wanted to say in each of the hundreds of songs he wrote and recorded, that really bought him to the attention of the record buying public and turned him into the true superstar that he was.

Indeed it was his lyrics that gave him one, if not the most, of the most unusual accolades of his highly distinguished showbiz career. In 1975 at the height of his worldwide popularity the then governor of Colorado, his by now adopted home state, awarded Denver, who not only took his name from the state's main city but was also by now living there also, the highly prized accolade of being the state's first, and apparently only!!, official poet laureate. There might be another way or position of higher office to bestow upon a singer-songwriter but it is very difficult to think of one. It could be said then that Denver's lyrical abilities transcended his chosen field of music and were on a greater plane to most of his contemporaries, Denver was no hack lyricist he was a true poet.

Though Denver was acknowledged as the legislator of millions of apparently humdrum and ordinary lives and wrote simple but highly effective lyrics to match and live up to the expectations of his fans, he was also not above adding lyrical flourishes and leaps of fantastical imagination to what one first inspection appeared to be lyrics squarely rooted in the minute of All-American living.

Denver always had the reputation of being a slightly old-fashioned entertainer even during his heyday, a superstar of undoubted popularity but even at his peak he was never considered hip or of the time, the mid-seventies, he was at his most successful. He always out of step of the latest trends and was consigned to a margin of the music industry well away from the cool young dudes. This was undoubtedly in part because of his sometimes maudlin yet tender lyrics that whilst definitely going down a bundle with a huge section of the record-buying public was not being enjoyed by the youth, who preferred their lyrics a little bit more visceral, dangerous and of now. And yet for all that and despite his reputation as a troubadour and his large constituency of fans well away from what was going on in youth culture, Denver's lyrics were undoubtedly touched by the hippie generation that first spawned him and was still greatly influential when he was at his peak.

So maybe when listening to a Denver tune or reading one of his lyrics maybe you should look beyond the easy listening music and listen hard to the lyrics, you might be shocked at how relevant he was and how good a lyricist he still is and always will be.

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